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Welcome to the advanced test. While it's understandable that you may get frustrated because some of the pics are not perfectly clear, this is, however, one of the aspects that make the quiz so challenging. Test your skill because when someone asks you to identify their skink, it probably won't be the ideal picture. There are also a couple animals that we are not 100% certain about. Often, with no history or information about the parents, a strange looking blue tongue could be anything. In these cases, our best judgement was made with the opinions of several veteran keepers. When identifying hybrids, some offspring will display clear visual features of the two different parents, but not always. Questionable species will be asked in the form of: "The following animal is most likely a..." Good luck!

Hint: Concentrate on each question, and really take your time. Some are made to trick you, others might be obvious but will not seem like it. Either way, it will help increase your abilities to accurately identify BTS.

1) Identify the following:

a) Very old Eastern
b) Eastern with possible genetic mutation (such as Lissa in the Northern section)
c) Silver Tanimbar
d) A juvenile Kei Island that hasn't developed its adult colors yet
e) This is an albino
f ) This is a leucistic animal

2) The following is most likely a(n)...

a) Irian Jaya
b) Indonesian
c) Northern
d) Western
e) Blotched
f ) Kei Island
g) Tanimbar
h) Merauke
i ) This is not a blue tonged skink

3) Identify the following:

a) Indonesian
b) Irian Jaya
c) Eastern
d) Merauke
e) Kei Island
f ) Most likely a hybrid
g) This is a partly or fully digitally created image, and/or altered with Photoshop

4) Identify the following:

a) Northern
b) This is an albino animal
c) Indonesian
d) Silver Tanimbar
e) Western
f ) Eastern
g) Irian Jaya
h) This is a leucistic animal

5) Identify the following:

a) Irian Jaya
b) Northern
c) Blotched
d) Eastern
e) Indonesian
f ) Shingeback
g) Shingeback x Blotched

6) The following is most likely a(n)...

a) Northern
b) Eastern
c) Tanimbar
d) Indonesian
e) Irian Jaya
f ) Kei Island

7) The following is most likely a(n)...

a) Eastern
b) Irian Jaya
c) Northern
d) Indonesian
e) Silver Tanimbar
f ) Kei Island
g) Merauke

8) Identify the following:

a) Two adult Pygmies; the top image shows a regenerating tail.
b) These are blue tongued skinks, but are not of the genus Tiliqua
c) Juvenile Kei Islands
d) Bottom picture is a Pygmy; top picture is a random lizard/skink
e) These are pink tongued skinks
f) These are just random lizards, and have nothing to do with blue tongued skinks

9) Identify the following:

a) Eastern (top); Pygmy (bottom)
b) Kimberley Northern (top); a blue tongued skink, but not of the genus Tiliqua (bottom)
c) Kimberley Northern (top); Pygmy (bottom)
d) Eastern (top); pink tongued skink (bottom)
e) Northern (top); random lizard (bottom)

10) BONUS: Identify the following starting from the top, and finishing at the bottom:

a) Indonesian, Kei Island, Eastern, Tanimbar
b) Indonesian, Kei Island, Irian Jaya, Irian Jaya
c) Kei Island, Kei Island, Eastern, Tanimbar
d) Indonesian, Kei Island, Eastern, Tanimbar
e) Eastern, Kei Island, Eastern, Irian Jaya
f ) Eastern, Tanimbar, Irian Jaya, Tanimbar
g) Silver Tanimbar, Kei Island, Eastern, Tanimbar
h) Indonesian, Tanimbar, Eastern, Tanimbar