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Welcome to the BlueTongueSkinks.Net Beginner's Pop Quiz. Read the questions, give the answers, and you will be graded at the end. So, grab your kids and enjoy!

Hint: All answers can be found on this site

1) Blue tongued skinks are primarily from...
a) America
b) Indonesia
c) Australia
d) Africa
e) Asia

2) What do blue tongued skinks eat?
a) They are omnivorous
b) They are vegetarians
c) They are carnivorous
d) They rarely eat, and live mostly on fat storage

3) What is the proper temperature for the basking area of a terrarium?
a) 70-80 degrees
b) 80-90 degrees
c) 95-100 degrees
d) 115-120 degrees

4) Metabolic Bone Disease can be contracted from...
a) A poor diet, especially one lacking in calcium
b) Neglect
c) Both A & B
d) MBD is usually inevitable, especially in older animals
e) MBD is just a common problem in reptiles, and can be reversed with the proper treatment
f ) All of the above

5) What is the rarest blue tongued skink in the world?
a) The Western
b) The Shingleback
c) The Pygmy
d) The Kei Island
e) The Blotched
f ) The Centralian

6) Which of the following is NOT an Australian species?
a) The Pygmy
b) The Eastern
c) The Merauke
d) The Shingleback
e) The Centralian

7) The LONGEST blue tongued skink is said to be the...
a) Tanimbar
b) Merauke
c) Northern
d) Eastern
e) All are about the same length

8) What is one sure fire method for determining the gender of your blue tongued skink?
a) Males tend to have slimmer sides, and bulge out at the tail
b) Keep an eye out for dispersion of seminal plugs
c) Males are generally bigger, and have broader heads
d) You can determine sex by eye color
e) Both C & D
f ) All of the above
g) It isn't possible without dangerous probing

9) Which are among the highest priced blue tongued skinks in the United States?
a) The Northern
b) The Tanimbar
c) The Western
d) The Merauke
e) The Eastern

10) On average, how many years do blue tongued skinks usually live (in captivity)?
a) 10-20
b) 20-30
c) 30-40
d) Over 50 years
e) Under 10 years