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Welcome to the BlueTongueSkinks.Net Intermediate Indentification Quiz! While taking the quiz, try to remember all the unique characteristics you have learned about each species, and eliminate each wrong choice one by one. Read the questions, give the answers, and you will be graded at the end. Good luck!

Hint: Based on information found on this site, really concentrate on which answers do not make sense.

1) Identify the following:

a) Northern
b) Eastern
c) Irian Jaya
d) Western
e) Centralian hybrid
f ) Indonesian

2) Identify the following pair from left to right:

a) Both are Irian Jaya
b) Both are Indonesian
c) Both are Eastern
d) Possible hybrids
e) Irian Jaya & Indonesian
f ) Indonesian & Irian Jaya

3) Identify the following:

a) Indonesians
b) Irian Jaya
c) Tanimbars
d) Easterns
e) Northerns
f ) Merauke
g) Although similar, these are two different species of BTS

4) Identify the following pair:

a) Easterns
b) Possible hybrids
c) Northerns
d) Blotched
e) Indonesians
f ) Irian Jaya

5) Identify the following:

a) Eastern x Northern
b) This is an albino animal
c) Northern
d) Eastern
e) Irian Jaya
f ) Indonesian
g) Indonesian x Eastern
h) Indonesian x Northern

6) Identify the following:

a) Eastern
b) Northern
c) This is an albino animal
d) This is a leucistic animal
e) Irian Jaya
f ) Hybrid
g) This is simply a lightly colored BTS— An albino is pure white

7) From left to right, the following are:

a) Two Irian Jaya
b) Irian Jaya & Indonesian
c) Irian Jaya & Kei Island
d) Eastern & Kei Island
e) Eastern & Indonesian
f ) Two Indonesian

8) Identify the following:

a) An underfed or possibly wild-caught juvenile Eastern
b) This is not a blue tongued skink
c) An underfed or possibly wild-caught juvenile Irian Jaya
d) Classic long, thin juvenile Merauke
e) Pygmy

9) Identify the following:

a) Strange looking hybrid
b) Juvenile Centralian
c) Puffed up Northern
d) Overweight Eastern
e) This is a baby, and species cannot yet be determined

10) BONUS: The following statue is modeled after a...

a) Centralian
b) Western
c) Eastern
d) Northern
e) Most likely an Indonesian species
f ) Could be any lizard