Blue Tongue Skink Videos!

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Live Birth Videos
Video 16

Download (3.61MB, 30 seconds)

"Reacts to voice."

Video 17

Download (3.71MB, 30 seconds)

"Cruising through the grass, once learned of being taped, he stops dead in his tracks and stares."

Video 18

Download (1.20MB, 10 seconds)

"Blue tongue skinks can develop a recognition for certain sounds. In this case, a shaking bag."

Video 19

Download (3.71MB, 30 seconds)

"Feeding black mouse - May not be suitable for some sensitive children"

Video 20

Download (3.68MB, 30 seconds)

"Insect Blitzkrieg"

Video 21

Download (2.92MB, 24 seconds)

"Slurps tries to eat Sassy's mouse through the glass... Sass looks on, unamused."

Video 22

Download (3.28MB, 27 seconds)

"Catching insects with lighting quick reflexes. Good demonstration of their capable speed."

Video 23

Download (3.66MB, 30 seconds)

"Interested in another mouse..."