Blue Tongue Skink Videos!

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Live Birth Videos
Video 1

Download (3.21MB, 30 seconds)

"Watch one of our Irian Jaya's enjoy a delicious mouse dinner."

Video 2

Download (3.57MB, 30 seconds)

"Watch one of our Irian Jaya's roaming the wide open plains in search of his daily food."

Video 3

Download (3.53MB, 30 seconds)

"The food is found. Dinnertime."

Video 4

Download (3.60MB, 30 seconds)

"Side View - More Munching."

Video 5

Download (2.86MB, 25 seconds)

"Slurpie lickin` his chops."

Video 6

Download (3.65MB, 30 seconds)

"A hilarious video... He gets the tomato in his mouth, then just walks around with it."

Video 7

Download (1.34MB, 11 seconds)

"Breeding Step 1: The female entices by twitching her tail."

Video 8

Download (2.93MB, 24 seconds)

"Breeding Step 2: The male shows interest and reacts with a secure neck hold to hold her in position."

Video 9

Download (3.17MB, 26 seconds)

"Breeding Step 3: The female cooperates by lifting her tail, the male tucks his tail underneath, and copulation takes place. This can last anywhere from 15 seconds to over a minute."

Video 10

Download (1.60MB, 14 seconds)

"Come and ride the train."