Blue Tongue Skink Live Birth Videos

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Live Birth Videos
Video 1

Download 3.59MB, 30 seconds)

"The very first baby emerging from its mother."

Video 2

Download (3.64MB, 30 seconds)

"Another BT birth... you can hear our family amazed in the background."

Video 3

Download (2.83MB, 24 seconds)

"Blue tongue birth up close."

Video 4

Download (3.55MB, 30 seconds)

"Blue tongue birth head on."

Video 5

Download (3.61MB, 30 seconds)

"The babies immediately pounce and devour the afterbirth (placenta)."

Video 6

Download (2.64MB, 22 seconds)

"One minute old baby bluey doing a few death rolls attempting to get the afterbirth off his head..."

Video 7

Download (2.53MB, 21 seconds)

"Spotty (Jerry), PB, Checkers, and Cool Moe Dee chillin` and munching on some grindage."