The Western Blue Tongued Skink(T. occipitalis • Peters, 1864)
The Western is perhaps the most invaluable of all blue tongued skinks

Named in 1863, I think the Western is the most visually spectacular. There are a few different color variations as seen below, and all are visually stunning. Exceedingly rare in captivity, there are only a handful of people who legally own them. Two people I know in particular are Edward Martinez who lives here in the United States, and Steve Sass of Australia. Westerns are virtually unheard of in the United States, and while indigenous to Australia, they are probably the most seldom owned (and seen) there as well. Edward & Steve may both be contacted here on the forums. The Western reaches roughly 18-20 inches in length, and gives birth to about 7-10 offspring at the very most.

Distinguishing marks:

    • Clean anterior legs
    • Bright brilliant orange coloration
    • Often displays very thick black horizontal stripes
    • Black temporal streaks—tip of nose is also usually black
    • Short tail

Map of the Western Blue Tongue's Territory

Photo Courtesy of Peter Robertson © Museum Victoria

Here is an uncommon hypermelanistic Western

Western babies

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