Live Blueycam

Unfortunately, the Blueycam is currently down.

Welcome to our LIVE 24 hour bluey webcam! At this time, the Blueycam is only viewable through the button below. We hope to embed the stream onto this page in the future. Currently, only 4 users are allowed to connect at a time, so if you receive a display that reads "maxed connections, or camera is busy" just keep refreshing until you gain access. We switch the stream around daily, so expect to see anyone from Slurpy, to Enzo, to Cool Moe Dee (the name will be displayed). Remember, this is a LIVE stream so you will be able to see the animals moving around in real time! Note that the Blueycam must be viewed in IE (firefox doesn't seem to be supported), and you may have to install the necessary activeX plugins. Simply click "yes" if the prompt pops up. Send any questions here.