Meet us
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We reside in Eugene, Oregon, and believe it or not these lizards are just an enjoyable pastime for us. We own no pets besides blue-tongued skinks, and we keep and breed them simply for the pure enjoyment! We don't own warehouses full of animals, nor do we breed reptiles for money. It's truly just a fun hobby we've done for many years, and we wish to share it, and invite others to share it on this site. We usually have 1-3 broods of babies each year. Pictured below is me and my wife, Holly. We created and run BlueTongueSkinks.Net together—one question we get once in a while is whether or not Holly actually has anything to do with these blueys. The answer is 100% absolutely! Feeding and cleaning cages is almost entirely her job while running the site and answering emails and phone calls is mostly what I do. It's a group effort!
Zach Griffith, Holly Humphrey, eugene, oregon