The Kimberley Northern Blue Tongued Skink
Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

The "Kimberley" Northern Blue-tongued Skink is a unique "phase" from the Kimberley Plateau area of Northern Australia. These specimens are "spotted" with hundreds of flecks, particularly around the face. Some believe them to be an entirely new species.


This is one of the few captive bred specimens ever to be born.

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This top image shows a regular Northern; bottom image, a Kimberley Northern.

This specimen was discovered by a reptile park in Perth, WA from a location in Broome. Later, another animal was discovered in the King Leopold Ranges (Windjana Gorge/Tunnel Creek Nature Park) but there are no known pictures. See map at conclusion of images. Click each image to enlarge.

The animal's habitat.

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of the world's last great wilderness areas. It has one of the fastest population growth rates in Australia, yet has fewer people per square kilometer than almost any other place on earth.

Situated in the far north west region of WA, the Kimberley is an ancient landform of rugged ranges with deep, spectacular gorges and pristine sandy beaches that fringe the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Mighty river systems produce thundering waterfalls during the wet season and pockets of lush rainforest can be found throughout the region.

An ancient custodian of unexplained cave paintings that predate traditional Aboriginal rock art can also be found here. A land of contrast where huge tides expose living reef systems right before your very eyes! An incredibly diverse land inhabited by extraordinary flora and fauna bastions of rainforest, immense mangrove communities and irreplaceable plant species of countless genera, birds of every imaginable colour, intriguing marsupials, bizarre amphibians, and captivating reptiles.

Geology of the Kimberley Area

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