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Customize Your Own Items!

The greatest aspect of this store, is you can customize any shirt, mug, bag or accessory with your own text or picture! You can use your image, or one of our's, and it will be printed on either the front, the back, or both. The fee is only $2.00 extra for custom images. Remember, the quality of the print depends on the quality of your photograph or scan.

Send your custom images to: zach@bluetongueskinks.net

SIZES: When you check-out, you will have the option of including a note. Use this to write what size(s) you need. Sizes range from Small to Large. For orders that require a larger size, such as 2-4X LARGE, there is an additional $3.00 charge.

You may also adjust the picture size of any product you see. If you want the image to take up nearly the entire front or back, we can do that at no extra charge. Most products that have a front and a back, can be customized on both sides with different images.

Examples of image size increase