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Welcome to BlueTongueSkinks.NET! Long ago when I first became captivated by these creatures, I had no guide or standard of which to follow. Blue-tongued skinks were certainly not well-known by any means, and there was little to nothing written about them. I plunged in headfirst...studying, observing, gaining experience, and learning from my own mistakes. After several years, blue tongued skinks started becoming more popular as a household pet, and I noticed that there was still nothing accurately written about them. There were, of course, a handful of websites with caresheets...none of which were accurate however, or even contained consistent information. That's when I decided that these animals deserved a website completely dedicated to them. An interactive information source where somebody could learn everything they needed right from the getgo, and ask questions if something didn't make sense. After a few months, I began to realize that there was a sort of secret esoteric following of people who have loved and kept these animals for years. They are what make up our forum today and are an incredible source of knowledge, and a perfect blend of young enthusiasts, the newly interested, and veteran keepers. I'd like to thank Edward, Danny, Johan and Kylie for being some of the original visitors and helping me develop this site into what it is. I hope you enjoy it!

Zach & Holly

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We will soon have SILKWORMS available for sale on this website. Keep us in mind, and check back often!
• Create your own blue tongued skink website. You'll receive your own username, password, and 24 hour uploading privileges. Check out the "Miscellaneous" section of the Skink Store for details.
• Our forum is as active as ever— come talk with our BTS experts, fanatics, rescue workers, and more.
• The Skink Store is fully operational with a varying assortment of blue tongued skink clothing, hats, textbooks, magnets, cups, stickers and lot more.
• Please don't hesitate to email us with questions, comments, or even concerns. We're here to help.
• We're constantly updating—please bring any errors to our attention, or if you have any funny stories or pictures of your own, send them in and they may get posted.
• Site officially opened September 8, 2003
• Classifieds launched February 1, 2004
• Forum launched January 11, 2004
• There is a 2nd hidden forum on this site. If you can find it.

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