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BlueTongueSkinks.Net is very honored to have Dr. Robert Hitz' website placed below:

Reptile Sites

Hays Haven
Monaro Amphibian & Reptile Keepers
Herpswap Classifieds
Kingsnake Reptile Market Classifieds
Aino Tuomola's Site
Steven A. Hill's Site Thanks again for the stories & articles
Livefood UK Ltd. - Mail order Livefood supplies for Reptiles, Birds, Monkeys, Spiders, Lizards, Snakes and Frogs by next day mail order, also Reptile accesories and equipment.

Supplies Sites Great place to buy ceramic heat emitters Everything you need to ship a reptile

Feeder Sites

Recorp Specialists in Quality Feeder Insects & Reptile Food
Canadian Feeders Feeder Insects
Silkys To Go Finally, a convenient 24/7 place to buy nutritious silkworms.
Mulberry Farms All kinds of feeder insects
California Silkworms Get Silkworm eggs for your own breeding projects!
Apple Snails Lean how to breed your own snails (great bluey food)
How to raise Silkworms
Buy silkworm eggs

Fun Sites

Koala Net Australian Slang Words Learn the lingo for chatting with those Aussies on the forum!
Reptile Rascals Pet Names Need a name idea for your new pet?
1600 Names for Your New Pet Another pet name site
Blue Tongue Brewery "For the more adventurous"

Pink Tongued Skinks A rare lizard very similar to blue tongues
NERD's you might be a herper if...
Blue Tongue Ltd " Blue Tongue Entertainment Limited is one of Australia's premier studios"

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