The Tanimbar Islands

The Tanimbar Islands (or Tenimbar Islands) are a group of about 30 islands, (2,100 square miles [5,440 sq km]) They are east of Indonesia in the Banda Sea, between the Aru Islands and Timor in the Moluccas. The largest of the group is Yamdena, and Saumlaki is the chief town. Important products are copra, tortoiseshell, and trepang. The group is also called Timorlaut. I inserted another copy of the map below so you can reference and compare the locations easier.

Southeast Maluku (where the Tanimbar Islands are located)

This chain of islands between Timor and Irian Jaya are among the most remote and exotic destinations in Indonesia. Real contact with the outside world has only really begun in the last few decades. The only access by air is via Tual, on Kei Kecil’s Duliah Island. Traveling to other islands is by boat only, but the reward for your efforts are some of the finest white sand beaches in the world, still completely untouched by tourism, unbelievable snorkeling and diving, and a true experience of a tropical paradise.

The Tanimbar Islands in Southeast Maluku are also home to some of the finest boat-builders in Indonesia, and one of the best & few places In the world to see the famous birds of paradise. The Babar Island group is the most remote, and headhunting was practiced here well into the 20th century (the act or custom of seeking out, decapitating, and preserving the heads of enemies as trophies).

Places to Visit:

  • Sea Garden in Matkusa
  • Lelemuku Onginal Orchid Garden
  • Wood and stone carvings in Tumbur
  • Tanjung Delapan Beach
  • Fanumbi Beach
  • Sangliat Dol
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