The Blotched Blue Tongued Skink(T. nigrolutea • Quoy & Gaimard, 1824)
(Also known as the Southern blue tongued skink)

This is a blue tongue species that inhabits Australian coasts, forests, and dry plains. The Blotched is once again one of the more rare breeds in captivity. The Blotched used to be quite common with reptile hobbyists years ago, but have since relinquished in the pet trade. They are unique among blue tongues in that they consist of mainly one solid color (instead of stripes), and display 'blotches' scattered up and down their back and tail. Many "blotchies" (a popular nickname) also have very fat tails which are thick all the way down until abruptly coming to a point. They reach lengths of in and around 18 inches, usually give birth to consistently 8-10 offspring, and are completely confined to lower eastern Australia and Northern Tasmania. There are two popular named 'phases' of blotched; alpine and lowland. These phases are not diverse enough to be considered subspecies, but are usually quite distinctive. The top three photographs demonstrate the 'alpine phase', and the fifth displaying a 'lowland'. Usually, the main difference is color. The alpine's are usually characterized as being much lighter/brighter with colors such as oranges and even pinks, while the lowlands usually consist of darker shades of browns, grays, and other darker markings. The alpines also often have an overall yellow tinged shade and checkered forelegs. Sometimes the alpines are referred to as 'highlands'.

Distinguishing marks:

    • No stripes—body is assorted with multitudinous irregular shaped "blotches"
    • Often displays a myriad of tiny flecks on and around the face
    • Highland form is capable of displaying a vibrant pink coloration
    • Commonly displays a very fat tail

Map of the Blotched Blue Tongue's Territory
See some of John Fowler's Blotched pictures
See a stunning close-up shot of one of Johan's Blotched Blue Tongues (240K)

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Above & Below Photos Courtesy of Peter Robertson © Museum Victoria

Here are some examples of the orange/pink coloration

Here are some extremely detailed close-up shots. The long load is well worth it! (Click to enlarge)

Blotched babies

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