Kei Island Information

Places to visit

  • Pasir Panjang Beach
  • Oholdertawun Beach
  • Sea Garden
  • Museum of Belang
  • Orchid Garden
  • Lake in Nglingof
  • Difur Beach
  • Danar Beach
  • Leffuan Cave
  • Misionary Cemetry in Langgur.
  • The Sacred "Luat" Cave

    There is a cave at the far end of Ohoidertawun Beach with strange writings on the walls. As of yet, they remain undeciphered. The cave is 10 to 12 kilometers in distance from Tual, which is the capital city of South East Maluku.

    Population & Inhabitance

    This is a region that consists of 287 big and small islands, of which only 199 are inhabited. It has a total population of about 229,913 people.